Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April 10, 2018 #AprilTTRPGMaker 10: Favorite game to relax with.

April 10, 2018
#10: Favorite Game to Relax with.

I definitely found this to be an interesting question. People who game under me can attest how my games are usually powerfully emotional or suitably pathos releasing moments. I don't usually run games that are meant to be just relaxing ones. Many people play games for the laughs and the hilarity. I'm more in it for the drama and the unfolding narrative.

Oddly, I find such games relaxing though. I like the release and comfort that follows a lot of screaming and tears. And gratefully, my players feel the same way.  At best, the closest thing to a really relaxing game that I can mention would have to be Changeling the Dreaming only because we have lots of fun with the bunks. Alternately, there's games powered by the Apocalypse like Monsterhearts and Pasion de las Pasiones. We tend to enjoy the unpredictable insanity of those stories.

From https://twitter.com/Kiranansi

I challenge ye, my dear fellow game makers, to answer my questions, on the corresponding day, this burgeoning April, and verily it shall be that ye shall be inspired by all makers around you and in this beautiful world henceforth. #AprilTTRPGMaker

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