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April 14, 2018 #AprilTTRPGMaker 14: What are your Dreams and Plans?

April 14, 2018
#14: What are your Dreams and Plans?
Among my dreams are the following:
a) Help bring tabletop role-playing games to the forefront in the Philippine tabletop scene.
I dream of a day when tabletop rpgs would be as widespread and as common as say basketball or esports gaming.  Where more and more local game designers take the terrifying leap and release their work out there in the wild for more people to experience and find inspiration from. 

I dream of a day when a tabletop RPG convention happens and celebrates tabletop RPGs as its primary focus and joy.Where it isn't maligned or misused to gatekeep or push bigotry and homophobic agendas. Where it isn't used as a weapon by political forces to infiltrate the geek community and spread fake news. I dream of helping bring my hobby up to a level of familiarity where more of the fun can be shared not just with friends, but with family members and significant others.

b) I want to win an ENnie.
I want to be able to show my parents the award and make them proud.

c) I want to truly recover from it all.
After nearly giving up on role-playing games altogether because of events in the past, I know I am still on the gradual journey out of the fear and trauma, but it has helped big time to be surrounded by people who have been extremely supportive and inspiring. I still am working on being back in more public events. Admittedly, stuff as simple as watching plays or musicals at the theater, or joining boardgame or rpg events, still takes some getting used to. Some time back, a very kind group called the Greasy Snitches invited me to give a talk on rpgs. I nearly had a panic attack out of the sheer fear of bumping into certain people. But I'm getting better. When we took part in the Retrocon, it felt very good reconnecting with the community and being able to share my talents with them.

I've wasted too much time hoping for reparations. I have only hurt myself more by hoping things could still be repaired and I've definitely come to the realization it is time to just move forward, learn from the past, forgive them for what they've done to me, and never forget that they can always do it again. If I see them then so be it. I just have to accept the fact life goes on and while some injustices will never be settled fairly, the most we can do is just know better next time.

d) Write for Houses of the Blooded, officially.
I would LOVE to be given a chance to bring this game to a new level. I would love to be part of an official project under this title.  Who knows, it may happen?  Some years ago, I just wanted to get a chance to write a game and share it.  Barely two years in, I find myself writing for 7th freaking Sea and the book I'm part of actually gets a Silver Ennie.  So yeah, who knows what other miracles may happen?

e) Write for the World of Darkness, officially.
Gotta admit, I still have a lot of love for this game world. It would be a dream come true to also be given a chance to work on some official book for the World of Darkness. I don't know though if I have the knowledge and historical know to write a good one. Admittedly, that's also why I haven't gotten around to writing a Manila by Night sort of book, even for the Community Creator's thing.

My plans?
Lin-Manuel Miranda put it best when he wrote Non-Stop in Alexander Hamilton. "Why do you write like you’re running out of time?" I'm gonna keep active, keep writing, and keep creating. I'm gonna make a mark in the industry, even if it means to just serve as stepping stones for future creators.


I challenge ye, my dear fellow game makers, to answer my questions, on the corresponding day, this burgeoning April, and verily it shall be that ye shall be inspired by all makers around you and in this beautiful world henceforth. #AprilTTRPGMaker

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