Monday, October 17, 2011

Cainite Heresy : nWOD : Vampire the Requiem : Hunter the Vigil

September 2009
Cainite Heresy
nWOD : Vampire the Requiem : Hunter the Vigil

A number of vampires in New York City are starting to grasp the existence of a hidden Covenant calling itself the Cainite Heresy, and how this ties in with the supposed Simon Dark entity (a comics character who I adapted to be a Promethean in my game), a public servant who seems intent in destroying it, and some conspiracy calling itself the Lucifuge who has located their most promising candidate yet.

The game has been going on for months now, and the players have had their share of victories and failings. Sacrifices were made, friends were betrayed and in some cases, lies were upheld in order for the greater good to seemingly win.

I gathered elements of cWOD's Cainite Heresy as well as a healthy helping of the old metaplot of having an Ancient sleeping beneath the city and gave it a nWOD touch.  The Covenants of the nWOD nicely filled the niche of what clans such as the Baali and sects like the Sabbat used to portray.  Add to that the fact that practically every Covenant has their own religious system or philosophical belief, and it wasn't hard to quickly create a darker version of the Heresy.

Sam played a vampire of the bloodline known as the Gullikan, whose hyper-active sense of smell resembled much that of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille of Perfume: Story of a Murderer.  His character was being stalked by a strange figure known as Simon Dark (yes, based on the DC comic property) which I eventually revealed to be a Promethean composite of the character's old mortal lover.  The story had a nice dark fairytale quality to it which I wish we were able to explore even more before the game got cancelled.

Rocky had recently joined the gaming group at this time, and his foray was to be a normal comic store owning guy who learns there is a bigger world waiting for him.   Zac Efron guest stars in the game as himself, and is later revealed to have been usurped by a demon that is warning him of a group known as the Lucifuge.  Zac attempts to seduce him and have him turn away from the group.

All in all, the game was pretty fun for a foray into the new World of Darkness and its Vampire the Requiem line.
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