Monday, October 17, 2011

Macross: Another Song : Palladium : Macross

Macross: Another Song
Palladium : Macross

We decided to have a Robotech/Macross table top campaign. I had three players.  Seth played a micronized Zentraedi who really hates being with humans but likes the fact siding with them gives him freedom to have individuality and identity. Aldwin played a pure human who hopes to gain some fame and respect from the others soon. While Sam played a half-breed who hides the fact she is one for fear of ridicule and racism.

The game was set 80 years after the movie "Do You Remember Love" with many ideas liberally inspired if not outright taken from the Macross II: Lovers Again manga/anime which frankly I preferred over Macross 7 or Robotech. Although I do admit I loved Robotech, the whole plot of the Robotech Masters and E.B.S.I.S. just turns the whole thing into a hyper convoluted plot. And the time-warping ending just reeks too much of Star Trek for my liking.  (Sorry Rocky!)

So its back to the Valkyries, the Gerwalks and the Melzendi... back to the Marduk, the Emulators and the Lisa Hayase... and back to the Yak de Culture instead of "Protoculture!"

I have to admit, Palladium nicely captured the feel of having ten, twenty or fifty missles flying at you, and you making your Valkyrie take a spin in order to dodge them while you use your rifle to shoot down the next incoming thirty missiles.

I wonder when Macross will ever have a full-length live-action movie adaptation.  With today's computer generated graphics and green-screen technology, I'd love to see such a movie happen.

And for those curious, this is how the game ended. With the Marduk invasion in earnest, the heroes attempt to fold the Zentraedi Scout Ship into the Marduk despot's main command center. But the attempt fails and the heroes re-emerge 9 hours after the invasion with a dead Earth beneath them. Of the three heroes, one lone hero remains among the survivors, having lost a limb in the battle. But with the tragic turn of events the power of Macross and the secrets of protoculture are now lost as the invasion of an alien race called the Invid take over the planet.

The end.

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