Sunday, October 16, 2011

SALOT Zombies in Manila : nWOD

Before 2009
SALOT  Zombies in Manila

I threw a few zombie-inspired games in the past.  One of them was this game I ran back when I used to host a few one-shot demo games at the Open Gaming Meet when it was still being run at Residencia condos.  The word SALOT means "plague" in English.  To up the excitement, I decided to set the game in the modern day and have the outbreak happen while the players were all in what was then the biggest mall in Asia, SM Mega Mall.

There were around five players, which meant having to maximize the time given to each player to keep the game moving forward.  Nicely, the players were having a blast as I started the hints of the outbreak to happen while most of them were watching a movie (the theaters in Mega Mall are based in the upper levels of the mall).    Before anyone could do much, the zombies arrived and were attacking anyone who was close enough to be attacked.  The players broke up into smaller groups, with one group deciding to take the fire exists at the upper levels to reach the weight-mechanism fire-exits that were set outside the buildings.    Others tried to fight their way out, pushing and shoving against the masses of panicked people.  Some successfully made it to their cars unscathed.  Others were bitten and knew it was only a matter of time before they succumbed to the virus.

All in all, it was a crazy fun game, with lots of screaming in Filipino and lots of yelling as the dice hit the table.  I should run more survival horror games.  There's always something fun about them.

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