Monday, October 17, 2011

The Breeders of Yore : d20

The Breeders of Yore

I met up after work with Wyhan to journey all the way to Malate and host a d20 game for them. After warning them of my preferrence for rules-lite games, I ran them a story which began with interesting start-up stories on how their characters began and lead it to an encounter with some female elves that were desperate to continue their dying out line.

After escaping their "jewel" grabbing clutches, the party arrives at a halfling town and there forms a party with the daughter of the elven queen and a halfling priest whom they had rescued. Their crazy antics lead to their accidentally slaying a kobold Paladin who had been used as a distraction by an evil shapechanging elven sorceror, the father of the elven warrior, and finally, a trapped encounter with the elves returning to see thier sorceror-king dead.

Confusing? A tad. But it would make more sense if you ask the players.

All I am doing is marking down the fact this game happened.

Then again, they DID ask me to run an adult d20 game.  So that's what I did.  Maybe I should have clarified with them that "adult" is different from "mature" but somehow I cannot help but suspect adult was truly what they had wanted me to throw at them.

(Correction on the image, by the way: It was Wyhan, not Wynhan)

On hindsight, if I had more time to prep, I probably would have had them infiltrate a porn studio run by Beholders.  Now THAT would have been an awesome "I-can-never-unsee-that-image" thing to have thrown at them.

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