Monday, October 10, 2011

Two by two, hands of Blue : Serenity

Two by two, hands of Blue
Margaret Weis Productions' Serenity

Three players end up requesting for me to run Serenity for the October session of the Open Gaming Meet.  One of them, Jovan, has played Kaylee in an earlier one-shot game.  Another, Adam, had wanted his girlfriend Lorie to experience a role-playing game.  To my surprise, the last player was Jon, a guy who had never played in a role-playing game before.  I think the game itself had two more players, but right now I can't recall who they were.

So how could I say no?  This game was to be set prior to the movie.

The game explored the idea that Shepherd Book had at one point wanted to try to teach Jayne a lesson by sending him to a job that was intended to be a trap.  River, on the other hand, was suddenly activated by a Fruity Oat Bar commercial and finds herself nearly attacking anyone wearing a Blue Sun logo.  Simon happens to be wearing a pair of boxer shorts adorned with the logo, so Kaylee ends up trying to strip him of his clothes to save his life.  The game ends with Jayne returning to Book with a greater respect for the preacher's view on penance and River asleep in Kaylee arms while a naked Simon makes for his own quarters.    The Firefly heads off, unaware of having nearly been once more in the sights of the men with blue hands.  The game was also known as "Shepherd's Gambit."

Something like this, eh, Kaylee?
Jon's portrayal of Jayne was perfect, with his rough demeanor and foul tongue nicely painting the scenes of the game.  Lorie's River was an absolute charmer, with her finding ways to have River kick butt without breaking out of character (or River's fantasy world).  And Jovan's passion for Kaylee and her romance with Simon made the game have that "awwww" factor that makes Firefly such a fun show to watch.  I should have realized, though, that Jovan would eventually want no one else to play Kaylee in any Firefly/Serenity game I'd run.

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