Monday, October 17, 2011

Dead_Stories : cWOD : Wraith the Oblivion

Before 2009
cWOD : Wraith the Oblivion

In one of the Open Gaming Meets at Residecia, I ran a Wraith the Oblivion game for a bunch of guys who were close friends.  I opted to make them all part of a single band in order to push the game's fun factor and as a twist, had only one of them survive the traumatic accident that claimed the lives of their friends.

The game was a crazy compelling session with the players using what wraithly powers they had to try and save the life of their band mate as he struggled with survivor's guilt.  The group had a small taste of how difficult it is for a Wraith in the World of Darkness to affect the living, and how being dead doesn't mean the story ends.

Even more awesome, one of my players created a song for the fictional band in the game.  Check it out here.

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