Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nobilis Est : Children of Fire

Art by Nancy Noel
Nobilis Est
Method in Madness' Children of Fire

Angels Walk Amongst Us
Called the Children of Fire, angels have long moved among mankind, serving the Almighty and fulfilling their duties. But these angels are not infalliable, and thier fascination for the Children of Clay... mankind.. can become the very temptations that can lead them to fall.

How does one fulfill his duties to protect, guide and avenge the very thing that can lead him to becoming what he despises the most?

Based on Method in Madness games' Children of Fire free online rolplaying game, I presented a game that explored the human condition, through the eyes of a being that has long been among us.  Thank you to Adrian, Nabs and Seth for playing in this game.

Set in the Modern Day, in a city much like New York, players assume the roles of angels whose duties permit them to explore facets of the human condition. 1-2 newbie players are permitted to guest in every game session, playing humans whom the angels may find themselves associated with.
Go here for the recovered Geocities site with the Chronicle Summary.

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