Monday, October 17, 2011

The Devil Made Me Do It : cWOD : Demon the Fallen

Before 2009
The Devil Made Me Do It
cWOD : Demon the Fallen

"Fallen, fallen,
is Babylon the great.
It has become
a dwelling place of demons."
-Revelation 18-

This was our group's first foray into a Demon the Fallen game.  Boy did we go crazy with the game, with players losing host bodies very quickly and in another case, a player needing to create a new demon to play as.    Set in Los Angeles, the players we given the freedom to create their own plots and their own schemes, which lead some of them to come in direct conflict with others.

Of course, the game was then further developed to move in both directions from its starting point.  Through numerous flashbacks the players would uncover lost memories of their time at Fiat Lux (which in the Demon the Fallen game referred to the beginning of everything) and the game sessions would then move forward from the present to the eventually major Battle at Los Angeles when the great one the world knows as Lucifer comes out into the open.

The game was a massive one, which touched on the Time of Judgment book line of White Wolf Gaming Studios, when they were releasing the books that were to end the old (now referred to as Classic) World of Darkness.

The game had me creating a few new Storyteller Resources too.
Read all about this game chronicle, and the optional rules on Torment, learning True Names and tracking Celestial Names by going to this recovered Geocities page.

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