Monday, October 17, 2011

Runaways : DC Heroes

Mayfair Games' DC Heroes

I had the players choose and recreate their preferred member of the Runways using the standard points for character creation with Mayfair Games' DC Heroes.    The game started pretty much close to the comic series, with them all over-hearing and witnessing their parents to be actual villains.  They (of course, as the title expects them to) runaway and find themselves on the run from the very people who took care of them and raised them in a life that was filled with deception and lies.

The group went much wilder, however, when I revealed that the major story arc of the game diverged from the comics entirely and began resonating events of the O.M.A.C. project and even further spiraled deeper into the story that comic readers will recognize as the Infinite Crisis story line.

In many ways, that's what I love about having a lot of role-playing game options to try.  You can experience familiar stories and give them a different twist or you can see how the stories would unfold if certain things went a different way altogether.

Who knows?  Maybe someday, I can run a game that has the players go through The Infinity Gauntlet story line mixed with the events of All Star Superman or something like that.

Ah gaming!  Always fun and memorable.
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