Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Company II : d20

The Company is a series of self-contained games following the tradition of Squaresoft's Final Fantasy series. Each game would have its own distinct goals and set of characters, but familiar names, terminology or places would be reintroduced in, at times, radically new ways. The name of an ally in the first Company game might happen to be the name of the biggest enemy in Company II.

Do not be confused though; each Company game is a self-contained world. A storyline set in Company 1 will NOT cross-over to Company 2. Nor is Company 2 to be seen as the future (or past, for that matter) of Company 1.  Many similar terms, creatures or concepts may still be used, however, in every iteration of the game.

The Company uses the d20 Dungeons and Dragons system of Wizards of the Coast.
Evidently, each version of The Company has its own theme and flavor.

Before 2009
The Company II

The world of Gehares is a world of magic, science and hope.
Its three Great Kingdoms are at war.

A tremendously comprehensive recovered Geocities website of the game can be found here.
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