Monday, October 17, 2011

The Comedy is Over : Orpheus

Before 2009
The Comedy is Over 

Orpheus is a storytelling game of modern horror and survival by White Wolf Gaming Studios.. Sort of like a cross between FlatlinersSilent Hill, and the Ring, Orpheus brings a group of ordinary people who share one thing in common into a world where ghosts are real and death is never necessarily the end.

The chronicle's title, "The Comedy is Over" is from a quote by Ludwig van Beethoven upon his death bed. The full quote is as follows: "Friends applaud, the comedy is over."

Once again, the recovered Geocities site shows how much I put into a website for a game (back when webspace was free!)  The game sessions are recorded, with matching Storyteller commentary for each section.  I also had created additional resources for Orpheus games, which was used by other groups who had back then found the site very informative if not resourceful.

Amusingly, one can see this early that Jake Gylenhaal was already making appearances in my games :-)

Admittedly, I loved my NPCs in the game.  Orpheus had signature characters in the game who serve as magnificently useful plot points for the players to work with.  It was a great way to help the players move through the plot without turning them into mere sheep that follow the shepherd.  This was a chronicle that successfully used all of the books of the Orpheus line.

This would not be my first foray into Orpheus.
And hopefully it won't be the last.

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