Monday, October 17, 2011

Giovanni Chronicles : cWOD : Vampire the Dark Ages

Around 2005
Giovanni Chronicles
cWOD  : Vampire the Dark Ages

This was my third time to run a Vampire the Dark Ages chronicle.  It seems my love for the game was an intense adoration that my players also had for it.  In as much as some of them were part of the second and first time to try the game, they didn't mind separating character and player knowledge for another spin at the game.

In this version of the Giovanni Chronicles, the game was merged with the events marked in the four books of Transylvania Chronicles and smaller game books such as Fountains of Bright Crimson and the like.   The players were given chances to shape the world and history during downtime sessions.

Sam, Seth, Aldwin and Awie portrayed their characters with much more pathos than I expected.  Anastasia di Pragha (Sam) embraced her Faith and struggled to find a means to show Vlad Tepes spiritual guidance. Niccolo di Medici (Seth) carefully played his hand as he verbally assaulted the Voivode of Voivodes Rustovich himself before the Ventrue Elder Dominus. Santiago de Saber (Aldwin) bravely presented his skills with both word and steel in his approaches towards the Furores and those present in the Convention of Hermandstat. While Harrad bini Alazeez ibn al-Faqadi (Awie) showed a powerful capacity for versatility in his scenes with the Toreador and the Tzimisce. 

I truly love how each time we play Giovanni Chronicles something new is explored and uncovered in the game. As much as the game may have been tread familiar ground, we keep finding new directions and themes to explore it with.

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