Monday, October 17, 2011

Changeling The Time of Judgment : cWOD

Before 2009
Changeling : The Time of Judgment

After thirteen years of wondering gaming and memorable stories, White Wolf's World of Darkness comes to an end with the Time of Judgment campaign.

Just like the Gehenna game, this is my attempt to capture those 13 long years of beautiful stories, epic legends, heroic deeds and disturbing nightmares into one chornicle worth remembering.

Let me use this opportunity to say Thank you! to White Wolf for the chance to explore their ideas and nightmares.

"People think dreams aren't real
just because they aren't made of matter,
of particles.
Dreams are real.

But they are made
of viewpoints, of images,
of memories
and puns and lost hopes."

John Dee,
in Preludes & Nocturnes.

This was one of the most emotionally draining games for me to run.  It contained so much of what I love about Changeling the Dreaming and explored the many ways the fae would deal with the coming of the end.  The game had a shifting number of active players, with a range of stories to explore.  The recovered Geocities site shows both the Chronicle record and my storyteller notes for each and every session.  Sorta like an "Absolute edition" of a Tobie game.

It was sad though, how the game ended with more of a whisper than a bang.
But that's how it is sometimes.

Dreams just abruptly end.
And you have no choice but to remember what you can.

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