Sunday, October 16, 2011

COPS Someone's gotta do it : nWOD

Before 2009
COPS Someone's gotta do it

Having played roleplaying games for the better part of nearly 20 years, storytelling games for me has ceased to become merely a fun hobby and more an exploration of the human condition as well as an attempt to share stories of heroism, human need, social commentary while maintaining the fun and excitement of playing a role different from who you are.

After the series of games that my group has explored: from cowboys in space speaking Chinese, to vampires hoping to survive armaggedon, to half-human half-fae heroes in a world that seeks to forget them, to legendary heroes who overcome the cruel indifference of the gods, it felt time to dive into something more ordinary and yet in many ways much more extraordinary. It felt time to dive into a real, modern day hero: a policeman.

Being someone whose job is to ensure the safety and protection of a population that looks upon you with mistrust and scorn is no easy feat. Much less when the world itself has darker secrets and monsters which few realize are real. And the challenge of maintaining one's sanity and humanity becomes all the more difficult when staying alive may mean having to shoot down the young ten year old son of a druglord who is carrying a shotgun.

This is the world of nWOD:COPS.

Because someone has to do it.

Be glad it ain't you.

The game had four players, and a recovered Geocities website for the game can still be found here.

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