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The End Of All Sorrows : Exalted

Before 2009
The End Of All Sorrows

The Time of Tumult had long passed.

Creation was now in the struggle to survive. With the Dynastic Houses now in civil war to take the empty throne of the long missing Empress, the Deathlords have revealed themselves in an coup to conquer Creation. But neither Deathlord nor Dynast foresaw the coming of the Locust Crusade and their attempts to consume resources for the survival of their Hungry God.

The world's fate now rests in a gathering of nobility, vagrants and criminals all Chosen by long forgotten Gods. Will the gathered find a way past their personal and petty bickering to work together and save the world?

Shall they be lead us through The End Of All Sorrows?

This was one of the few Exalted campaigns that I ran which actually did reach an ending.  Most games either die out due to real life responsibilities or end up getting discontinued after the story gets overly complicated with too many layers of parallel plots.    This one thankfully reached a massive climactic ending.  So I thank Aldwin, Awie, Marco, Sam and Seth for being in this game.

Commanded by his master, Voice in the Mist journeys Creation to gather 5 strangers and offer them a choice: Work with the Deathknight in destroying the other deathlords and in return, the Chosen will be given the legendary weaknesses of all the deathlords.

Though most suspect a trap, the possibility of removing 12 of the 13 Deathlords is a chance that cannot be ignored. Why deal with 13 when you can reduce them to 1 single Deathlord who may be easier to rein in?

Gathering the various characters from Nexus, the wildnerness and Sijan, the Abyssal leads them all to a patch of shadowland close to the Spires of Pyrron and communes with his master for guidance.

Though it is clear that the Abyssal serves a Deathlord, it is quite unsure if he serves the one he claims to serve.

Tremendously comprehensive chronicle page here.
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