Monday, October 17, 2011

Global Frequency : cWOD

Global Frequency

Based on the incredible comic book series by Warren Ellis, the role-playing game I ran had players be members of an international organization whose main form of communication is through extremely cool cellular phones.  They deal with threats and dangers which the ordinary person on the street never hear about, and the governments of the world would probably deny ever-having happened.  Of course I'm horribly over-simplifying the series, but let's just say you have to read the comic (or see the leaked discontinued pilot episode of what could have been a really good television series) to grasp how awesome the concept of the comic is.

So I created a one shot game to get my players into the feel of the comic, and after wards lent them my copies of the comic to enjoy and devour.  It was a great romp with the players coming up with their own tactical ideas on how to best fight against a hive-mind-like invasion that was infecting others through words.

Eventually the game spiraled into a larger scale, and I couldn't help but inject a bit more of Planetary into the stories.  Surprisingly, I cannot right now recall how the game ended.  But I definitely know it had a lot of screaming action sequences.

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