Monday, October 17, 2011

Memento Mori : cWOD

Before 2009
Memento Mori

When White Wolf Gaming Studios released their Time of Judgment books, I wanted to run a bunch of games that commemorated the end of the World of Darkness.  Now, for the major lines such as Vampire and Demon the Fallen, I had run my own games for them.  For the smaller lines however, I realized I wanted to explore how they fared with the end of the world in their own way.

That is what lead to the creation of the Memento Mori sessions.

For those who don't know:
Definition:\Me*men"to mo"ri\ [L.]
Lit., remember to die, i.e., that you must die; a warning to be prepared for death; an object, as a death's-head or a personal ornament, usually emblematic, used as a reminder of death.

To help any players who wanted to have a session grasp what the world was going through, I created a news tickler for the Memento Mori game.  In the tickler, major events in all game sessions were noted down (all written with the viewpoint of a specific writer, typically mortal) and left for the players to interpret on their own.

At the end of every game session, I would then create newspaper clippings that captured the events of the session as new reports.  You can find these images below (which have been taken from the recovered Geocities website)

I had hoped for enough game sessions to have newspapers set all over the world.  Unfortunately, we only had enough for Los Angeles and New York to be listed down.  I had players who were Hunters from Hunter the Reckoning, asian vampires of Kindred of the East, and even normal folk who sadly had to face the changing world.

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