Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Deaths of Desire: cWOD

Six Deaths of Desire
cWOD : Vampire the Masquerade : Wraith the Oblivion : Fomori Freak Legion

They go bump in the night.
They feed upon the weak,
the lost
and the ignorant.
Like us.

Like us.

No one wants to admit it.
No one ever will.
But we all believe in monsters.

This night:
6 people discover the truth in the world we live in
 and the monsters that exist within ourselves.

This was my first game with my friend DJ Mojo Jojo and a few other friends.  The game explored the darker forms of desire, ranging from the obsession of a stalker who cannot be killed, to the passions of an undead beating heart and the simply disturbing truth that a woman in love may cross lines that others will never see as sane.  The game had Vampire the Masquerade, Wraith the Oblivion and Fomori: Freak Legion among its resources.

The old recovered Geocities site for the game is found here.
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