Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Sword : Scion

Image is a recreation of the actual sword art.
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The SwordScion

This game was based on the really well-written comic by the Luna Brothers, The Sword.  I ran this for Rocky and Urim one night as a demo game to get a feel for the Scion system.   The story is about a young physically-challenged woman who survives the  murder of her family by three seemingly super-powered individuals and her acquisition of a powerful artefact which her father had hidden somewhere beneath their home.

In the comic, the Sword empowers her and gives her the ability to recover from woulds very fast as well as immense speed and strength that she never had before without granting her added skills in the actual use of the weapon.  In the game, I represented these powers by simply giving the player access to Epic Attributes when necessary.  I had to tweak the Regeneration power in the game, however, to represent how much power intensely powerful and rapid it was as done in the comic.

The game was fun, albeit a tad short.  But enough for both to get a nice feel for the system, as well as grasp the concept of Birthrights in the game.   In Scion, certain powers (called Purviews) can only be accessed and used when one has a Birthright currently on their person.  This was nicely reflected by the fact the lead character was utterly powerless without the Sword in her hands.

I definitely would love to run this game again for another group.  Maybe even be able to go through all three main story arcs of the comic.  Someday.
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